The 'eco-voice' assistant that helps to make you greener.

The 'eco-voice' assistant that helps to make you greener.

About Ecotaylor

Ecotaylor is the world’s first eco-voice assistant. Helping people to be more eco-friendly.

Our Mission

Ecotaylor is dedicated to making it easier for people to learn, consume and ask how to be more eco-friendly and eco-conscious.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help billions of people around the world to know how to be more eco-friendly in order to help to improve our planet's future.


Our Story


Behind the Voice.

Our founder, Ashlea Atigolo, left being a director of education in 2016 with a mission of educating the world on the subject of sustainability, especially within consumerism.

In 2019, she designed the UK's first men's sustainable streetwear collection; which was awarded 'Vegan' by Peta. She then proceeded onto developing an easy solution to help people learn, shop more consciously and ask how to become more eco-friendly. In January 2020 ecotaylor was born.

"Knowing that some technology can be harmful to the environment, I created Ecotaylor to use the millions of devices people already use on a daily basis; in order to try to help turn the usage into something for the greater good of the planet. It's important to me to try my best to help better our future"

Eco-Voice Assistant. That's Ecotaylor!

Be the change you want to see. Speak to ecotaylor today. 

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